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Upcoming Movie: The Wackness

Posted by thelanetrain on June 26, 2008

Amidst the blockbusters and big budget movies that summer is generally known for, The Wackness is here to fill the slot as the “independent film that’s edgy and cool and has a lot of young up and coming stars with a few famous ones.”  This looks like a movie that high school stoners will either adore or flat out hate, but needless to say, somewhere down the road, seventeen year-olds will be quoting it nonstop thinking they’re deep and philosophical.  All we know is that it has quite a cast:  the formerly fat guy from Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh, the girl who plays the BFF in Juno, and Michelle Tanner…oh and some guy named Ben Kingsley, but he’s old so nobody cares.

After The Jump: What Makes “The Wackness” Whack

The Wackness takes place in New York City during the summer of 1994…don’t forget that.  They have that posted on every single movie poster and in the trailers, like it was some sort of culturally significant watershed that changed the course of history forever as we know it.  Hmmm….aside from Kurt Cobain’s sudden death, did anything happen over that summer in particular?  According to Wikipedia, some cool stuff actually happened, but it was no 1984.  But I digress…

Anyway, the film centers around a high school teenager (Josh Peck), who doubles as a pot dealer and wheels around an Italian ice cart to cover his side business.  He eventually finds his way to a psychiatrist (Ben Kingsley), who offers the teen therapy sessions in exchange for weed.  The two then develop a friendship while they explore the city and their own psychological problems.  Oh, and the teen totally starts falling for the shrink’s stepdaughter (Olivia Thirlby) without knowing that her stepdad is his best customer.

And somewhere along the way, Mary-Kate Olsen plays a hippie girl who plays tonsil hockey with the shrink.  We’re still not sure how her character is utilized entirely in the film, but according to imdb and the movie’s trailer, her character’s name is “Union” and she dances around like shes constantly stoned.  Hmmmm….  But at least we’re happy to see that she’s not being tethered to the other Olsen twin.

P.S. If you thought that picture was scary, check out this picture of Mary-Kate at the New York premiere of The Wackness last night.  We’ll let you be the judge of “WTF happened to them”.

(Image via First Showing)


One Response to “Upcoming Movie: The Wackness”

  1. Freddie said

    So… this is it? Your entire reaction is based on the fact that you find the summer of 1994 a boring time period and the actors didn’t look so good? How was the acting? The cinematography? The script? Do you have anything meaningful to say about the film at ALL? Or is this just a masturbatory exercise in pretending to be a real film critic?

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