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Anne Hathway’s Ex-Boyfriend Actually a Huge Scumbag (UPDATE)

Posted by thelanetrain on June 25, 2008

Yesterday it was revealed that Raffaello Follieri, the now ex-boyfriend of actress Anne Hathway, is a sketchy ass motherfucker.  Why?  Oh nothing, he just totes lied to a bunch of investors claiming to be an insider with The Vatican (The Vatican?  Is that the best off-the-cuff lie you can think of?  You really are sick).  And now he’s being charged with money laundering and fraud.  Yay!  Usually, a greasy European investor with claims of wild connections and power should have been a red flag, but I mean, its hard to turn down someone who claims to be BFFAE with The Pope…

UPDATE 2:30 PM: is reporting that Follieri was hospitalized earlier today for an acute sinus infection following his court appearnce in New York, and that when the police arrested him this morning, he tested positive for opiates.  Messing with the papacy?  Using opium?  Is this guy living like its 1849?

After The Jump: The Saga of Anne and Raffi

You would think that after doing a movie like The Devil Wears Prada, actress Anne Hathway would know better to steer clear of awful people.  However, that wasn’t exactly the case with this guy.  Hathaway met Follieri in 2004 and they were in loooove.  Sure, he was already being sued for embezzlement, but that didn’t stop him from wining and dining Hathaway, buying her clothes, taking her on expensive vacations, and most importantly, caring for her doggie.

Also, he was a philanthropist.  Follieri started the Follieri Foundation, which worked with third world nations providing medical care and aid to those in need.  If there was one good thing this couple did, they helped to vaccinate more than 1000 chilldren in Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  And Follieri got Hathaway so into charity work, she even started to regret being so privileged!

But things started turning sour in 2007.  While filming a movie out in The Hamptons, Follieri and Hathaway had a big public fight that left her running back and forth from the ladies room and eventually, leaving the restaurant in tears.  Then two days ago, the couple finally split.  An inside source offered this statement to the press regarding the separation:

“They are always breaking up and getting back together, so the fact that they broke up this time around doesn’t strike me as anything new. They are passionate people — and just like any relationship, people get together, break up and get back together again.”

What a bunch of flowery bullshit.  I’m sure that the reason they broke up had nothing to do with the fact that Follieri’s finances were coming under review, especially when:

“Word of the breakup came shortly after the New York attorney general’s office said it was investigating Follieri because it had no record of the IRS tax disclosure forms necessary for his charitable Follieri Foundation.”

So all of the charity work, the gifts, the jetting, the doggie care…was it all for nought?  Did it all just to go waste under a pile of non-existent tax forms?

“Federal prosecutors charged Raffaello Follieri, an Italian entrepreneur and former business partner of California billionaire Ron Burkle, with funding a lavish lifestyle by using money from a real-estate venture that was supposed to capitalize on his alleged Vatican ties to redevelop surplus Catholic Church properties.” – The Wall Street Journal

Yeah, it was pretty much a waste.  Hathaway spent way too much time with that sleazeball,  but luckily she dumped him at just the right moment.  And while she continues to promote Get Smart and enjoy her box office success, Follieri will soon get to enjoy another exciting lifestyle…

(Photograph via The Hollywood Gossip)


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