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Westchester Teen Moons Crowd, Loses Respect, Diploma

Posted by thelanetrain on June 24, 2008

Its your last moment of high school and all you want to do is to make a lasting impression, right?  Well, for one Westchester H.S. graduate possible fifth-year senior, he certainly knew how to leave his mark.  The Journal News reported today that during a high school graduation ceremony, a senior received his diploma, then immediately “dropped-trou” for the crowd, students, and faculty.  Some were amused, but most were displeased, including the principal, who immediately struck back and took the student’s diploma!  Talk about a total buzzkill.

Really?  Mooning the crowd will get you another year of high school?  Very shady, but still not as shocking as this.


One Response to “Westchester Teen Moons Crowd, Loses Respect, Diploma”

  1. nearlynormalized said

    Was it a good looking butt? If it was hairless and shapely it would have been a treat.

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