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JC Penney “Pissed” at Leak of Teen-Sex-Themed Ad

Posted by thelanetrain on June 24, 2008

Yesterday, Gawker posted a video showing an advertisement from not-quite-Macys department store giant JC Penney. In the ad, two teenagers time themselves on how quickly they can dress and re-dress themselves. The scene ends with the boy going to the girl’s house (with her mother at home), and the girl saying how she and the boy are going downstairs to watch TV. The best part? The tagline reads “Today’s The Day To Get Away With It.” Was this for real?

After The Jump: JC Penney responds to the racy advert, plus a link to the commercial!

Of course, we all knew this was too good to be true, as teenage sex is not only unwholesome, but can lead to babies! So today, JC Penney fired back at Gawker, trying to explain the whole mess with regards to the ad. Apparently, there was some big competition in France and this was going to be their entry for the judges (because Europeans are really liberal and don’t believe in things like abstinence, or cheap gas). In the aforementioned retort, a representative from the company stated that:

“No one at JCPenney was aware of the ad or participated in the creation of it in any way. The commercial was never broadcast, but rather was created by a former employee at JCPenney’s advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, solely as an award submission without JCPenney’s knowledge or prior approval.”

Shocking! We know how upset JC Penney’s core market would be if they saw an ad like that (middle-income earners between the ages of 34-54, according to this article), those damn kids sneaking around and having sex under their watchful parents’ eyes.

Subsequently, ad creator Saatchi & Saatchi immediately regretted the ad and apologized for the suggestive spot. Replying to both Gawker and JC Penney, a rep from the firm writes:

“Saatchi & Saatchi did not enter the spot [in the compeition] and deeply regrets the message this ad presents. Saatchi & Saatchi apologizes to JCPenney, its associates and its customers. The commercial is being removed from public circulation.”

Sadly, we’ll never see this spot grace our television during prime-time or any large viewing audience. Because let’s face it: Prime-time TV will always be highly sanitized.

P.S. Click Here to see the ad before JC Penney takes it down.

(Image via Gakwer)


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