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Boy George Denied U.S. Visa, Access to Further Annoy Americans, Opportunity to Assault Gigolos

Posted by thelanetrain on June 24, 2008

Oh man, did you score Boy George tickets for this summer? Well if you did, you’re either living in the past or you’re totally gay, but regardless, looks like those hard earned tickets are going to be completely worthless. The 80s icon and frequent law offender was recently denied a U.S. visa, forcing him to cancel his upcoming summer tour and take care of more pressing matters back home, like standing trial for the house arrest and assault of a male escort.

More Details After The Jump.

Boy George’s recent run-in with the U.S. Government is certainly not his first stumbling block. In 2006, the singer performed community service for five days as punishment for reporting a false burglary to his Manhattan apartment and ended up being caught with coke instead. After his stint, Boy George reportedly considered performing a special concert for the city’s street workers cleaners, which was supposed to happen this summer.

BUT, Boy George got kinda horny and abusive, so in 2007, he decided to hire a male escort for pleasure. According to The Daily Mail, George hired a 28 year old “photo model” to pose for him at his East London apartment, at midnight, for the rate of £400 ($800 if you can’t do math) wearing S&M gear. Celebitchy, however, reports on what happened after the photoshoot:

“They handcuffed the strapping 28 year-old Norweigan escort to a hook on the wall. The other guy left George alone with the terrified prostitute, who claims that George took out a box of whips and sex toys and snarled, ‘Now you’ll get what you deserve.'”

Ok, that is seriously messed up, especially when one of you is an overweight, balding, fat man.

Eventually the model escaped and called the cops around 6:30am, after which Boy George was arrested and taken to the local police station. Over a year later, he is still on trial for the harrowing affair. Kevin O’Dowd, Boy George’s creep-o brother, is calling the whole thing frivolous, saying that after all, a prostitute is making the allegations. Yeah, he may be a prostitute, but you still can’t treat them like trash (who knows…you might even fall in love).

So the British government now has Boy George by the balls (HAH!) and because of his outstanding trial, the U.S. government wants nothing to with him. So what good has come out of this? He has disappointed the many sanitation workers and their families, severed the trust of male street workers (there we go) in London, and could see even more legal penalties. Sometimes, it pays to think with your head and not with your pecker.

And in a related story, America’s poster-woman for domestic housebound females Martha Stewart was recently denied a U.K. visa because of her previous criminal record. Oh well, the Brits get less homemaking tips, and the Americans get less gay.  We think its an even trade.

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