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WTF #9: VH1’s “I Love The New Millennium”

Posted by thelanetrain on June 23, 2008

Tonight marks the premiere of VH1’s “I Love The New Millennium“, the latest in their string of “I Love The…” series. Dude, we’re not even done with this decade yet. Were you not able to find enough obscure material for “I Love The 80’s 4”? Did Carnie Wilson refuse to do another reality show for you guys? Sheesh…

After The Jump: Our Full Commentary

When VH1 came out with I Love the 80s, it was an instant smash. Everyone seemed overjoyed to be able to recollect and rekindle the moments of a decade that was not so long ago, but far enough to generate plenty of funny jokes, commentary, and “WTF were we thinking” moments.  But lately, the execs at the network have gone a little overboard with the programs. Soon enough, we had I Love The 70s, I Love The 90s, I Love The 80s Strikes Back, I Love The 90s Part Deux, I Love The 80s 3D, I Love The 70s Volume 2, I Love The Holidays…., So needless to say, this series has gone from cool nostalgic fun to something overly suffering and exhausted.

But the debut of I Love The New Millennium is ridiculous. First of all, we have two years left. Second, most of this material has been covered by VH1’s other pop-culture commentary programming. Was the programming really dying for another, premature rehash of a tired old TV formula? Maybe regulars Michael Ian Black, Hal Sparks, and Mo Rocca were out of work, and desperately in need of a job. Or they couldn’t bear to air another “celebreality” show (sorry, too many to reference, no link here!). And I bet the network already has plans to close the series by airing the final two episodes just as the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2010.

But the point is, its ridiculous to start getting nostalgic about a decade and events that are already in progress. I thought the network covered that base already with Best Week Ever. At least with I Love The 90s, which premiered in 2004, the network waited a good five years, so that even the freshest year, 1999, was lightly coated with a hint of nostalgia. And just like all of the other “I Love The…” series on VH1, expect this to be rerun at every single hour of the day. Honestly, this is just a big WTF.

The Daily News and Newsday have given the series mixed reviews.

And for those of who you think that VH1 couldn’t do any worse, the second season of Charm School will debut this summer as well, this time featuring contestants from both seasons of Rock Of Love. We so hope Heather and Lacey make appearances.

(Image via Buzzsugar)


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