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WTF #8: People Who Don’t Know How To Comment

Posted by thelanetrain on June 22, 2008

At The Lane Train, we love our precious, few commenters, and we think that everyone should have an opinion and the right to express that opinion.  However, there is a fine line between a dissenting opinion and something completely uncalled for.  In our story on Jamie-Lynn’s impending birth earlier this week, one commenter got seriously miffed.  “Jordan” wrote:

You are such a little hater.
Shit happens. And everyone needs to get over her getting pregnant.
And just because someone is from a small town doesnt mean they talk like a damn hick.
Get over the steriotypes.
You need to get a life and stop digging through hers.
Fuck you.

Aww, isn’t this cute?  You really think you’re making a difference and taking a stand.  How sweet.  Here’s why I don’t really care:

  1. Every comment you make directs traffic to my blog, which is good.  In this weekend alone we have more than quadrupled the amount of visitors we get daily, so everyone is going to see how retarded you sound in this comment.
  2. “Everyone needs to get over her being pregnant”.  In the opinion of this blog, we’re very happy for the birth of Jamie-Lynn’s child, but we believe that the ex-TV star should have been more careful in using contraceptives and birth control so that she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place.  We do, however, commend Casey Aldridge for sticking with her through this time.
  3. You spelled “stereotypes” wrong
  4. You care enough about the blog to post your opinion.  I win!

In conclusion, comments like these only expose the total naiveness of some internet users who believe that posting hateful, insenstive, and poorly written comments will change the sway of the blog.  Sadly, it won’t.  This blog will continue to stand by its opinion and its work.

However, due to this comment, there will be new rules for future comments, so please see our new Policy page for all comment rules.



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