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Tinsley Mortimer Reality Show “Too Boring” for MTV

Posted by thelanetrain on June 20, 2008

Tinsley Mortimer (who?), a blond vapid New York socialite and celebutard, recently shot a reality show for MTV. According to Gawker and The New York Post, the footage captured by MTV’s crews was “unusable”, as most of it centered around Tinsley just looking good, but without any of the substance or drama that makes for good reality television. As Gawker puts it, “She didn’t get into any brawls, do enough drugs, say anything racist or have a sufficiently interesting sex life.” Furthermore, an insider for the show reports that:

“She looked good but she just got dressed and went to parties every day and didn’t have anything interesting to say. It was incredibly boring. The project is dead.”

Thank god that someone is drawing the line with airing terrible and nonsensical reality shows. In this schlock-filled summer, the last thing we need is a Paris Hilton wannabe prancing around the Meatpacking District complaining about clubs and drinks. And if the network executives were really smart they would axe this show immediately as well.


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