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Spike Lee Envisions “Chocolate City”, Ray Nagin Unavailable for Comment

Posted by thelanetrain on June 20, 2008

All eyes have been squarely focused on Illinois senator Barack Obama since capturing the Democratic nomination earlier this year, but there’s also been a close look at some of the loony people he’s been associated with. Well, for those keeping track, please add director and Knicks season ticketholder Spike Lee to that list.

After The Jump: Lee’s shrewd choice of words

In another article via Reuters today, Lee comes off as excited for Obama…a little too excited. Not only does Lee believe that it will be “a new day” if Obama gets elected (to which I agree with), he goes on to coin some terminology as well. Says Lee:

“It’s going to be before Obama, ‘B.B.,’ and after Obama — ‘A.B.’ — and some folks need to get used to this…And I’m going to be at the inauguration — getting my hotel reservation now.”

As much as we like Barack, we just don’t think that 2008 B.B. really has the same ring to it.

Lee spoke at the Silverdocs film festival where he was being honored for his documentary “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts” about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Very honorable, but Lee continued to work his radical idea of politics into his speech time. While commenting on the national government’s poor response to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, he added:

“That’s going to change, though…We need a real Chocolate City.”

WHOA THERE. Slow down. Didn’t Ray Nagin receive an awful lot of flack for those words? Is that really the kind of attitude that Obama (who is half black, beeteedubs) really wants to be associated with? I thought he already cut ties with the craziest member of his posse. Seriously Spike, if you wanna make a difference, you should think about selling your Knicks tickets (which are probably worthless at the moment), or work on a sequel to Jungle Fever.

And besides, there’s only one real Chocolate City anyway…


One Response to “Spike Lee Envisions “Chocolate City”, Ray Nagin Unavailable for Comment”

  1. Rogue said

    Yeah, Washington, D.C., where they spend more per student than any city in the U.S. and still can’t educate the children.
    Washington,D.C., where murder per capita is equivalent to a third world dictatorship.
    Here’s your Chocolate City fable: Visit the Land of Spike

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