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Crazy Woman Attacks Jet Blue Flight Attendant, Denied Newport Lights

Posted by thelanetrain on June 20, 2008

Everyone knows that when you fly on a plane, the number one rule is that you’re not allowed to smoke. They have signs posted everywhere: above your seat, in the lavatory, in the safety pamphlet, etc.. But apparently, a passenger on JetBlue couldn’t wait to have her nicotine fix. And she wasn’t gonna let some pansy flight attendant tell her to put her smokes away.

After The Jump: The harrowing booze-fueled details.

On a recent flight from New York to San Francisco, Christina Szele (above), a 35 year old Queens native, apparently couldn’t wait until landing to start smoking, so she did what any ballsy smoker would do and just light up in her seat. According to KNBC, Szele was confronted by a black male flight attendant who told her to put it away, and when he did so, she responded by yelling and screaming racial slurs at the man. Then,

“Attendants managed to restrain Szele with flex cuffs, but she broke free and allegedly punched the flight attendant who initially had confronted her, Paul Whyte, in the jaw.”

Shortly thereafter, the plane made an emergency landing in Denver, where she was arrested on the spot.

However, we like this article from The Daily News much better, in which her close friends describe and account for her erratic behavior. Apparently, Szele was drunk the entire time because she downed three vodka drinks during the flight and has no recollection of the fight. She even called her brother and was like, “OMG I’m SOOOO EMBARASSED.” According to relatives and friends, Szele does have a drinking problem, and “when she drinks vodka, she gets violent,” but “she’s a good person when she’s sober.” At least this will give her something to think about if she ends up serving twenty years in prison.


One Response to “Crazy Woman Attacks Jet Blue Flight Attendant, Denied Newport Lights”

  1. Kristen said

    this is why im avoiding queens

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