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Oh Shit, Not Again…

Posted by thelanetrain on June 19, 2008

Remember that writers strike that effectively ruined television earlier this year?  Remember how everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief when it ended?  Well now that the writers are sated, it looks like the actors are starting to get all demanding and all.  Yahoo News reported today that TV actors could go on strike just in time for the fall season.  Why?

Contracts between Screen Actors Guild (SAG) members and film and TV studios is set to expire in two weeks.  SAG represents about 120,000 actors who play all your favorite (and sometimes, forgettable) characters on the TV and on the big screen.  Basically, Michael Scott wants more money from DVD and Internet sales, just like what the writers wanted during their negotiations.  They’re so greedy!  As if they don’t make enough money anyway.

But in any event, a possible actors strike could cause a $3 billion slump to the local economy!  But those damage figures are based off of writers.  These are actors we’re talking about now.  They make their living smiling for the camera and coming off as personable.  I mean, how demanding could they be?


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