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Oh My God Y’all, Jamie-Lynn’s Givin’ Birth!

Posted by thelanetrain on June 19, 2008

Ever since she got knocked up by her scumbag boyfriend-turned-fiance, Jamie-Lynn Spears (oddly, the saner of the two Spears offspring) is finally giving birth today in her hometown of White Trash Springs, Louisiana! But she’s not just doing it the normal way like most folk do. Doctors have advised her to undergo a Caesarean section. According to M&C, the seventeen-year-old star of Zoey 101 was advised to go through the procedure after an ultrasound showed the baby in a compromising position within the womb. Even Britney flew in from L.A. to support her pregnant lil’ sis!

When its all said and done, Jamie-Lynn and Casey said they would give their accident baby girl “a combination of both of their Christian names”, with Cassie or Cailynn as the front runners in terms of names. Don’t forget to include a reference to that thing about Christians not being too crazy about premarital sex. But at least the young couple is getting married. We hope they do so in grand redneck style. And when that happens, well, break out the champagne, fancy hors d’oeuvres, and the rootin’ tootin’ wedding band! Yee-haw!

(Photograph via The Hollywood Gossip)


2 Responses to “Oh My God Y’all, Jamie-Lynn’s Givin’ Birth!”

  1. Jordan said

    You are such a little hater.
    Shit happens. And everyone needs to get over her getting pregnant.
    And just because someone is from a small town doesnt mean they talk like a damn hick.
    Get over the steriotypes.
    You need to get a life and stop digging through hers.
    Fuck you.

  2. Taylor said

    I totally agree with Jordan. I mean it was pretty rash what she did but you know what? This is the life that we live now. I mean i know shes Brittneys sister and all but this is exactly why i HATE hollywood because you never leave anyone ALONE!

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