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I Got MALMed In My GRUNDTAL: Ikea Opens In Brooklyn

Posted by thelanetrain on June 19, 2008

As we reported earlier, Swedish furniture magnate Ikea was set to open in Brooklyn yesterday amidst protesters and scores of fans. Well, it finally happened yesterday. According to The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the store opening was no less a huge celebration of fanfare, gleeful employees, and free furniture…wait, FREE FURNITURE?

“Each of the first 35 adults in line, in honor of this being the 35th U.S. IKEA store, was given a voucher for a free couch, and the next 100 behind them received armchairs…other freebies included vouchers for food, big blue and yellow umbrellas and heart pillows for kids.”

So THATS why people were willing to discard their social lives and necessities for a couple days: to score one of these bad boys that will no doubt cause their hair to fall out while trying to set it up, and then break unexpectedly. It’s too bad the voucher doesn’t cover the outrageous shipping charges too.

BUT, the good news is that Ikea is making it super easy to get to its store via public transportation, offering free shuttles from Borough Hall, Smith-9th Sts, and 4th Avenue stations, as well as a water taxi from lower Manhattan. Leave it to Ikea to lure Gen Xers fo’ free to spend their hard earned dough on utterly useless crap.


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