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Katie Holmes to Appear on Broadway, Leave the Cruise Compound Without Tom

Posted by thelanetrain on June 18, 2008

Hollywood Today reports that Tom Cruise’s love-slave Katie Holmes will be starring on Broadway this fall in the revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.  The play, which will run from September 18 through January 11, will also star John Lithgow and Patrick Stewart.  Holmes will be starring as the daughter of Lithgow’s character’s business partner.  Moreover, E! reports that just being able to see all that star power will cost you anywhere from $116 for regular non-holiday seats, to $350 primo seats during the Christmas season!  So yes, you’re not getting tickets.  Cry me a river.

Anyway, we’re just surprised that Tom would allow his wife to be part of anything that didn’t have to do with Xenu, Scientology, or drugging our children, let alone, leave the house on her own.  Regardless, we’re pretty sure that if Tom doesn’t move out to New York to support Katie during her Broadway stint, he’ll secretly install one of these in her apartment anyways, you know, just to be safe.


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