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The Media Circus Had a Slow News Day

Posted by thelanetrain on June 17, 2008

It has got to be a slow news day for the celebrity gossip-hounds, blogs, and entertainment media.  Why else would a third tier story like this make headlines on Google News today?  This week, singer failed actress starlet socialite hollywood train-wreck tabloid fixture thing Britney Spears was actually given some good press in regards to a recent melee with a paparazzi photographer.  As the Newark Star-Ledger reports (a better article was available on a more reputable news outlet, but they hate bloggers), the D.A. involved with the case points out that the accuser deliberately set himself up to be run over, thus framing Britney for the incident.  Phew!  Thank god, y’all.  Now I feel so much safer on the roads.

Also related, Britney’s dad continues to mooch off his daughter’s wealth spending money.


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