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WTF #6: Gawker’s Obsession with Julia Allison

Posted by thelanetrain on June 16, 2008

This WTF is sort of a niche post, probably most relevant to devout followers of Gawker (like myself). However, one peeve I have with the site is what seems to be its nonstop coverage of some chick named Julia Allison. I have no idea what this woman does, nor do I know why my favorite blog writes a post about her daily. It’s usually something crude, crass, and about her being a slut/whore/publicity mongerer, but really, its enough. Searching her name on Gawker’s records reveals over 350 hits (in less than a second, no less). It’s disgusting. Gawker elevates her to levels of fame that only bimbos like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian could could achieve.

Then I looked her up on Wikipedia. Apparently, Julia Allison has a job in publishing (Gawker’s niche in addition to gossip) and went to college, so score two points for her. Still, Gawker needs to find some other lame fodder to fill in their four billion posts a day (I know, look who’s talking, right?) rather than just easily reaching into the Julia Allison chum bucket. In fact, if it’s really a slow news day at the snarkiest site on the web, the Marc Jacobs-and-his-boytoys story mill is much more entertaining. Just a suggestion.


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