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Europe To Get Free iPhones, Actually, Not Really…

Posted by thelanetrain on June 16, 2008

Remember last week when Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone, followed by a subsequent, “Oh ma goddddd!” when people saw the $199 price tag? That’s so cheap, right? Wrong, bitch. Once again, the Europeans are showing us that Americans overpay for everything. According to Digital Trends, UK carrier O2 would be giving customers free (yes, free) iPhones if they sign up for a more expensive monthly service plan, and in Germany, carrier T-Mobile will subsidize the cost of iPhones to only ONE EURO if customers subscribe to the most expensive monthly plan (€69 per month). Wanna upgrade to a 16GB model? Only €89 per month with phones costing a mere €19.95.

So are the little to no cost phones really cheaper? We’ll save you the time and math.

According to the O2 site, the free iPhone only applies to the £45 and £75 monthly service plans, which run a minimum of 18 months. So, in the UK, a free iPhone really costs about $88 and $147, respectively, per month. For Germans, the 8GB phone is $106 a month (plus a buck fifty for the phone), and for the 16GB, $137 a month with $31 for the phone. Stateside, the new iPhone will cost $199 or $299 depending on which size you buy, but the monthly fee is substantially less than its European counterparts (only $69.95 a month).

So in the end, the Brits will pay $1,584 and $2,646 total, respectively, while Americans will pay $1,877.80 and $1,977.80 total, respectively. Assuming the Germans are on an 18 month contract (like Britain, although their pricing plans have not been published online), they will pay $1,909.50 and $2,485.95 total, respectively.

Our advice? Buy a smaller phone in Britain, but fork over the $299 for the 16GB here. Comparatively, the latter is your biggest bang for the buck.


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