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It’s Friday Night, You Know What That Means…

Posted by thelanetrain on June 13, 2008

It’s Friday night in New York, which means that the nightly horde of the Bridge and Tunnel crowd will be descending upon Manhattan, most likely the skeevy dance clubs all up and down the West Side. For those living in the Tri-State area, you are probably intimately familiar with the “Guido“, and while I’m not about to have some hair gel abusing, Armani Exchange wearing, Grey Goose toting greaseball muddy up my blog, I did happen to stumble upon this amusing thread today about Guidettes, the female counterpart. These photos are not retouched in anyway. This is how they actually leave the house. I’m not sure how many of these women things are actually legal to drink, but I’m sure they have their fakes at the ready. If you spot one drunk at 1 AM whining about the stretch “Hummah” not being there and how they’ll have to hoof it on the LIRR or NJ Transit, think of me. The linked thread above has pleeeenty more amusing pictures. Enjoy!


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