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Drug Stores Sell Dangerous Items (duh)

Posted by thelanetrain on June 13, 2008

Everyone in New York knows that when you walk into a Duane Reade, it’s pretty much a “get in and out as soon as you can” attitude. The stores never really feel clean, the employees are surly, and even though you know you can find (almost) everything, there’s that lingering feeling that something’s amiss. Apparently, that’s just the case. The New York Times (how legit!) reported today that many drugstores across New York carried expired items like Milk, eggs, and (*gasp*) drugs, even though the expiration date passed long ago. I still think the “I’m standing here with a bunch of contraband items” shot makes the article seem oh so important. Even though we’re taking a good slap at Duane Reade, it DIDN’T come up as the worst offenders, but rather, the much cleaner-seeming Rite-Aid and CVS were the guilty ones in this case. The best quote of the article? When Attorney General Andrew Cuomo declared that “Consumers deserve what they pay for.” How true, because when I reach into the bargain box for milk, eggs, and drugs and pay 1/2 the price, I best be getting some rotten spoiled goodies!


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