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WTF #5: The River To River Festival

Posted by thelanetrain on June 12, 2008

You know those free July 4th concerts held by River To River? This year, famed indie-alt rockers Sonic Youth are scheduled to perform at Battery Park for the annual show, and even though its free, you still need a ticket to get into the venue. It didn’t help that the fine folks at River to River sent out an email announcing that tickets would be “on sale” less than an hour before the scheduled release time. WTF R2R? Why do you have to be so shady like that? Thanks to your timely reminder, I didn’t get it until after I got back from running around all this noontime and when I finally tried to get tickets at 2:15, they were gone. There’s really no excuse for that, perhaps someone at your marketing board should have sent that email out earlier, like A DAY OR A WEEK AGO.

No word yet on whether River to River will be giving away tickets in part of any other upcoming promotions or alongside its otherwise crappy lineup, but those looking for free Sonic Youth tickets (myself included) are sorely out of luck. Or you could try working a deal with this guy.


2 Responses to “WTF #5: The River To River Festival”

  1. jc said

    i found this blog while reading up on news about the show. just so you know, river 2 river has advertised the ticket date on their website for a long time. if that’s the only show you were interested in, u should’ve done more research before complaining [about a free concert].

  2. thelanetrain said

    There’s one little thing you forgot to include in that. Even though River 2 River advertises the date for the show (which I had known for about 3-4 weeks prior to the email), they DON’T advertise when tickets are free to be picked up. That was the main complaint: that the time of ticket distribution was announced less than an hour before it was scheduled to happen. I happened to be away from my office when that whole sequence happened, and even though its a free show, you need a ticket to get in.

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