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Surprise! Facebook Gets Kinda Creepy

Posted by thelanetrain on June 12, 2008

How pathetic is this: Despite its unquestionable popularity as the gold standard of social networking sites, Facebook has been slowly jumping the shark since the newsfeed revolt of 2006 (which everyone now loves anyway) and that its now overrun with applications, but now there are rumors of *gasp* FAKE PROFILES? Say it ain’t so, Mark Zuckerberg! Not to say we didn’t see this coming, but was it really that unexpected? A new eBay auction posted today finds that you, the ever adamant market researcher and capitalist extradordinare, can buy pre-made, chock-full-o’-friends, fully loaded Facebook profiles so that you can have access to and conduct the ultimate in consumer market research. According to AdRants:

The profiles, created by the same person but reflective of ten different types of people, are said to each have a minimum of 200 friends. Each profile was then actively integrated into the Facebook community through forums, events, networks, groups and all the other spider legs Facebook has to offer.

How awful! For the love of god, I hope none of you have made friends with anyone shady or suspicious, steered clear of friends with names like “Bro McBrostein” and “Toolie McDouchebag”. They could be spies for large powerful corporations!

Like Facebook.


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