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90’s Pop Stars Find New Life as Hosts of Crappy Game Show

Posted by thelanetrain on June 12, 2008

Just when you thought that summer programming couldn’t get any worse, TLC, one of cable’s third fourth tier networks has started promo-ing its newest “star-studded” reality game show The Singing Office.  I mean, c’mon you guys, it’s gonna be totally awesome because one of the N’SYNC guys and one of the Spice Girls are hosting it and they can totally sing and make the show work because they were in super-successful pop bands, right?  We think the tagline “work just got fun again” is so apropos, because everyone will be at work trying to avoid this show.  The initial prospective reviews are mixed, but this website has a list of which business the hosts “ambush”, including teachers at this tony New York City private school.  TLC has only plastered ads for this potential disaster/juggernaut on every single bus in Manhattan, so only time will tell if this show is a hit or a sad, sad, failure.


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