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WTF #4: McDonald’s “Southern Style” Chicken

Posted by thelanetrain on June 11, 2008

The Golden Arches never seem to stop inventing new ways to lure in customers and add new (and sometimes bizzare) menu items. So in an effort to capture the…well, we’re not really sure what kind of market McDonald’s is going after with their latest promotion, but I can’t turn on the TV without seeing ads for this new “Southern Style” Chicken. So being the curious consumer, I tried both the sandwich (above) and the biscuit, y’know, just to see why they’re so great.

What’s so great is what a huge ripoff these items are. To start, the chicken itself is essentially a giant chicken nugget with barely any distinction from any other chicken on the menu, and while it tastes pretty good, somehow the price you pay for it doesn’t really make any sense. How does Mickey D’s even have the gall to charge almost three bucks for a large chicken nugget with two pickle slices between bread? You could get a dollar McChicken and still have the same freakin’ sandwich basically. The breakfast biscuit fares slightly better, but I guess because it’s chicken, it gives McDonald’s an excuse to charge more for it than it does for other tasty breakfast items.

But the biggest problem with this sandwich? The marketing. Some have called McDonald’s ads for the sandwiches racist and offensive. No kidding, really? That can’t be, even though almost all of the aforementioned ads feature black people essentially saying “Mmm, I love this fried southern style chicken”. But seriously, racist advertising? Who does that anyways?


One Response to “WTF #4: McDonald’s “Southern Style” Chicken”

  1. well, actually it is two pieces of steamed reg bun, (at my mcdonald’s the steamer hasn’t worked in like months) then a shot of this nasty looking yellow sauce that they never change… then it is two pickles, and yes, basically a giant chicken nugget. It takes seven minutes to drop (crispy) that’s what it is called in the back. idiots let it run out, then there is a wait on it and disgruntled customers, and then it’s my ass on the line… but what ever….. any questions about mcdonalds…. i got them right here…. well, the answers of course

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