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WTF #3: Andrea Peyser

Posted by thelanetrain on June 11, 2008

There are three main reasons why anyone reads the New York Post: It costs less than the New York Times, Page Six, and Cindy Adams. And if there was a fourth reason, it would be for Andrea Peyser, the Post’s unapologetic, brazenly conservative femme fatale who day after day offers a no-nonsense opinion on something New York-ish or dealing with the most trivial aspects of pop culture (her commentary on Paris Hilton during the jail fiasco was Pulitzer-worthy). Seriously, you don’t want to mess with this brash columnist for New York’s second third tier newspaper

And this is exactly why she deserves a WTF.

Who made her the authority to tell us the moral complications surrounding Paris’ jailtime, or more recently, about how we should view the whole McGreevey divorce hearings. Look, we all know that journalists have to make a name for themselves in a business that’s slowly being eaten away by bloggers like myself, but if she wants people to take her seriously, she should try not to be such a bitch and write some useful editorials. Blah blah blah, nobody cares about another pop culture commentary in the newspaper (thats what blogs are for). She should go report on some hard hitting Post style journalism, like praising Bush or saying how liberals, not cancer, will kill Ted Kennedy.

And besides, the least she could do is make herself look more attractive. Or update her website. It looks like a five year old made it.


One Response to “WTF #3: Andrea Peyser”

  1. she should have just made a myspace. That way, people can comment on her bullshit and get feedback. +

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