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Jersey Representin’ on MTV

Posted by thelanetrain on June 11, 2008

On last night’s episode of “Who Wants Sloppy Seconds with Tila Tequila“, Tila visited the remaining four finalists’ homes and families, to get to know them. Personally, I got very excited when Kristy (who I’m rooting for as the hometown hero) took Tila on a date to the Westchester Skating Academy (I’ve been there!). I could devote a whole post to Kristy, about how she completely embodies the Westchester way of life with the attitude, accent, mannerisms, etc…

BUT, the REAL star of the show was Jay (above), otherwise known as “Jersey” (because he’s from New Jersey, get it?). Notwithstanding the fact that he looks very similar to last season’s winner, Jay took Tila to his parents’ McMansion where they did what else, but play tonsil hockey the whole time at dinner while his father eerily stared at them in joy. And after that, it was everyone in the hot tub (the whole family and stepfamily) for some heavy petting and kissing, because that’s exactly what I do when I bring a girl home: I get her in my hot tub with my parents and expect an orgy. Great first impression.

So needless to say, Jersey was a little taken aback when Tila sent him home (apparently, he wasn’t her type, even after all that PDA in front of the family!). And what do Jersey Boys do when they don’t get what they want? True to the style, Jersey represented by punching some scenery, breaking vases, calling the set a “faggy red house”, and taunting other cast members by shouting “You want a piece of me Bo? I’ll break ya other face! This is how we do it Jersey style! Fuck this shit!” Cut to a confessional where Tila almost convincingly tells us how she doesn’t like her man to be so volatile. Everyone else gets a key, and then there were three.

What’s next for Jersey? Probably this:


One Response to “Jersey Representin’ on MTV”

  1. Kevin said

    I completely agree with you!!! Kristy is the BEST! I want her to win sooo bad, i live like down the block from her.

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