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Apple Launches New iPhone, Inflates Steve Jobs’ Ego

Posted by thelanetrain on June 10, 2008

The New iPhone

Remember last summer when the iPhone came out and people camped out for a week so they could get one first? Remember when it cost nearly $600? Remember when Apple lowered the price after two months and all the original owners complained, so they shut them all up with store credit? Well, nearly a year after the first wave of iPhone-mania, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a brand new iPhone in San Francisco yesterday. Among its awesome features?

  • A 3G based browser that can download porn faster than both the original and its closest competitor
  • 6 hours of watching YouTube videos and 5 hours of crappy AT&T talk time on a fully-charged battery
  • Loopt, a program that allows you to stalk your friends in real-time
  • Comes in “Steve Jobs’ shirt” Black and “All of Apple’s other iProducts” White
  • Can be bought on a peasant’s salary for only $199 (for the lower-end model)

The iPhone 2.0 comes out on July 11th, and will be available only in Apple Stores, so do yourself a favor and start camping out now, because god forbid you don’t have one by then, all your friends will laugh at you for being so behind the times.


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