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Weekend Wrapup – Pinkberry, Belmont, and Lockdown

Posted by thelanetrain on June 9, 2008

The weekend was uneventful, yet somewhat exciting. I had dinner at a bland (but not overpriced) thai restaurant on the Upper East Side. Probably some of the most tasteless, heavy massaman curry I have had yet. Later, my friend and I finished off our meal with a trip to the ever popular Pinkberry, you know, just to see what all the hype is about. I’m not sure why everyone flocks to Pinkberry, or why women line up 30 deep for this overpriced “it tastes good and it’s not fattening” treat, but Pinkberry happens to be one of the most vile things I have ever tasted. Not even my generous scoop of cocoa pebbles could make it taste any better. Why can’t it taste more like ice cream and less like shit? Maybe they should rename it “Stinkberry”, or “This stuff sucks”, or “Go waste your money elsewhere”.

On Saturday, the weather shot up to 93 degrees as Kristen and I ventured out on overcrowded LIRR trains to Belmont Park for the 140th Belmont Stakes. Sadly, we left early, but between the $4 water, the 90,000+ people, the hot humid weather, and that I lost about $20 on bets, was it really worth it to stay? Yeah, Big Brown was probably going to win, but it wasn’t worth being uncomfortable about it. We left around 4:45 (after Race 8 and my only winning bet of the day, which netted me $1), to head over to the Village for Mexican food. There, in the climate controlled comfort of an indoor restaurant surrounded by 24 ounce margaritas and salty tortilla chips, we saw Big Brown choke the big one and a horse with 38 to 1 odds win the race. Awesome. Also, I didn’t think you could do worse than $4 water at the racetrack, but with $5 gelato for dessert, apparently you can.

Sunday sucked. I went to sleep waaay too late the night before and was woken up by the loud noises of the Puerto Rican Day Parade outside the building. I didn’t even leave my apartment until that afternoon, when the parade ended and traffic resumed its normal patterns, but as soon as I left, I was met with a heavy downpour. Literally, I walked about 4 blocks and was half soaked before buying an umbrella at Duane Reade. Took a walk down the West Side for a nice change in scenery, then came back and had dinner and went to sleep early.

Today I start my new job at the software company, where I will be setting up for a trade show in midtown. Should be pretty exciting, and so far, as I unpack and repack crates between the air conditioned cubicles of the office, it sure beats running up and down the West Side yelling at landlords to open up buildings for some crazy unpaid photographer.


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