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Upper East Siders Gripe About Banners

Posted by thelanetrain on June 9, 2008

A New York Times article from Sunday reports on those banners placed on lampposts on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. Apparently, they’re no good, and even more, they’re annoying and unsightly. *GASP*! One resident even refers to them as “dirty laundry”. Although the city removed the banners after much complaint (within an impeccable 24 hours), it sort of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. On one hand, I guess if you’re paying $1 million+ to live on the UES, you shouldn’t have those filthy banners blocking your view of the street below, god forbid you miss your chauffeured Maybach pulling up to your awning, but what strikes me is that the banners were removed in a day! That’s unheard of. It took me five days to be able to get a guy from Time Warner to come up to my apartment to fix a modem, and some rich lady gets the City of New York to remove public banners in a day? Were they really that unsightly? I guess money does buy happiness…with speedy results!


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