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First Thoughts

Posted by thelanetrain on June 6, 2008

So its been an interesting ride so far.  I’ve been in New York for just under two weeks and already I feel like so much has happened, but in essence, not really.  Today marks the end of a two-week stint with a high-powered real estate company in which I scrambled around Manhattan taking pictures of empty, unfurnished apartments.  Hopefully I will begin work at another company (yet to be determined) where they won’t run me ragged all around town and actually, y’know, PAY ME.

Something else I did this week was join a gym.  I’m not usually one for physcial exercise, but with school and most distractions out of the way, maybe now I can concentrate on getting back into good shape and getting healthy.

And yeah, this first post sucks, but once the ball gets rolling and I start seeing things, getting more comfortable with snarky banter, and actually have something to report about, I promise this blog will get funnier, juicier, and…no, I’ll leave it at that.


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